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You can do it faster, easier, and more precisely with job-site-tested Frontier Box Blades. 60" width box blades are exclusively designed for your John Deere tractor. This rugged blade features a heavy-duty mast constructed of thick, 3/8-inch plate steel for extra rigidity and strength. End plates have a formed, top edge for extra muscle.

Don't have the room to store it? Want to test it out before you commit to purchasing one? Or you simply just need it for one job? Exact Rent All is the perfect solution, rent from us to make your life easier. 

Exact Rent All

We help individuals who want to be involved in their projects, as well as those who want to use new equipment but either don’t want to worry about maintenance and long term storage, or only need the equipment for a short period of time.  


Exact Rent All was designed to work with the customer to meet all of their equipment needs. Whether you’re looking to complete a weekend project, completing jobs (large or small) around the house or cottage or as a contractor looking to rent for tax deductions - we have what you need.  


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