About Our Rates


Hourly - Is based on the time you leave our yard to the time you get back.

Daily - A full 24 hour timespan.

Weekend - Friday after 5pm to Monday before 7am.

5 day - Monday after 8am to Friday before 4pm.

Week - Any full 7 day stretch.

Calendar Day - Pick up and drop off on the same day.

Even better news!

If you're a first time or one time renter, you'll notice our prices are the lowest rates around, but we don't stop there!  


We value your patronage and as a valued customer who rents more frequently we reward you with even better discounts.


Why don't we post how our discounts work, it's because our biggest competitors claim they have the lowest rates or will beat any advertised price, but they haven't even beaten our regularly posted prices.


Your additional discounts will kick in almost immediately with us and we're certain you will be happy with them, we try and get our prices so low that it's really not worth buying the equipment you will rent from us.


Better yet, you don't have to rent 5 or 10 times to get a free rental, we discount you on every rental. 

Late Rental Returns

We understand life happens; traffic jams, "project took longer than we thought", "we were just having to much fun", or simply lost track of time and you need to keep your rental longer than you have originally planned.


That's okay, however, if you are going to be late dropping off your rental, please contact us as soon as you know this is going to occur. We are often involved in tight turn around times between rentals. It is possible we may need to inform the next customer that their product may not be available at the time specified. Unfortunately we will have to adjust your invoice but we will do it at the lowest possible rate. Which will be hourly until 4 hours, then the daily rate will apply.  

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